Foodaissance Show at The James Beard House

My baby is at The James House! Yes if you haven’t heard the news, my little photo project of behind-the-scenes at my favorite local artisans made it to the Greenhouse Gallery at The James Beard House in NYC.

I can’t express how excited I am about this and to see how far this project has gone from an idea to the show at the Minibar to being at The James Beard House.


There are too many people to THANK, from the artisans to family to friends and to new friends. And also to see so much love that went into my IndieGoGo crowdfunding page, insane! I will have a proper thank you post later in the month but for now..THANK YOU!

If you’re new to my project, welcome, please click around and hopefully this will inspire you to go buy and eat locally. These people are all fantastic.

A sneak peek of the prints hanging at the gallery. Sorry for the poor image quality.
Sneak Peek

The Foodaissance show at The James Beard House is now up and will stay up till the end of October. The gallery is open during all House events and by appointments.

The James Beard House
167 W. 12th St
New York, NY